Built Better to Last Longer

Gator Downrigger Releases are made of high quality materials and are manufactured in the U.S.A.

Heavy Stacker Downrigger Release

Heavy Stacker Gator Release

This release is ideal for Muskie, trophy Pike, and salt water fish using over 20 pound test monofilament line and allows you to run two lines off of the same downrigger.

Part Number Description Cost/Unit
4953-1 Gator Stacker Heavy Tension Release $10.00

The Unique Gator 3-in-1 Jaws

The unique tapered pads of the Gator Line Release give you a simple way to adjust the grip of the release without mechanical adjustments.

  • For a Light grip: place the line toward the nose of the release.

  • For a Medium grip: place the line in the middle of the pad.

  • For Maximum grip for deep trolling: put the line deep in the pads.