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Using a Downrigger Release

Snap the clip of a Gator Release directly to the downrigger weight. Drop the lure in the water, let out some line, and place the line in the gator's pads. Lower the weight and tighten the fishing line till the rod bows. When the fish hits, it will release the line. Grab the rod, quickly take up the slack, and the fight is on!

Running 2 lines on 1 Downrigger

After attaching the first line to the release on the weight, drop the weight 10-15 feet and attach the Stacker Release's snap and the clip with the short leader to the cable. Then place the second fishing line in the Stacker Release and drop the weight to the desired depth.

Tips for fishing with Gator Release

  • The Gator's “pinch” design is easy to use, even in heavy seas, and doesn't require any adjustment. However, when more pressure is needed to compensate for line drag in deep water, tension can be adjusted by simply placing the line farther back in the Gator's tapered rubber pads. The soft rubber pads won't damage the line, yet they provide a smooth, reliable hook setting for more fish in the boat.

  • Watch for Shakers. Small fish will often hit a lure and not trip the release. A leader is used on the Gator Releases so the rod tip twitches to indicate a “shaker” on the line.

  • When trolling cowbells and dodgers, place the line toward the back of the pads and pinch them together for a better grip.

  • Don't use the Gator's leader to pull in your downrigger weight. Try an Invader Weight Arrestor.

  • The Gator will set the hook in fish, but you must tighten the line quickly and keep it tight throughout the fight. Sharp hooks help.

  • Stackers: Place the clip with the short leader on the downrigger cable ABOVE the snap so the snap doesn't tangle in the downrigger tip or weight arrestor.

  • Check your planer board tow line periodically. Gator releases will not float if your tow line breaks.

  • Try putting your flatlines in a release attached to the boat. The release will set the hook and increase your success rate.

  • Place a piece of paper or thin plastic between the release pads for long term storage so that they don't stick together.